Hawaiian Astaxanthin

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“Supreme” protection against free radicals to develop and maintain Radiant Health!

~ “Supreme” Antioxidant
~ “Supreme” Quality

Hawaiian Astaxanthin
(Supreme Antioxidant)

~Astaxantina Hawaiana, 90 caps.~

Astaxanthin is a metabolite (byproduct of a metabolic process) produced by microalgae in response to oxidative stress processes, such as overexposure to sunlight, lack of food, extreme changes in temperature and absence of water mainly.

This production of astaxanthin serves as a defense and survival mechanism and impressively, when this pigment accumulates adequately in the algae, they are capable of living in an inactive state (hibernation) for more than 40 years!, without food, without water , suffering in the summer sun or winter cold. Go figure!

The animals with the highest concentration of astaxanthin are salmon, where it is concentrated in their muscles and turns them into the endurance heroes of the animal world.

For these reasons (and many more), astaxanthin is considered as:

¡Nature's powerful antioxidant par excellence!

Main Benefits

  1. ¡¡¡Supreme Antioxidant!!!
  2. ¡Energy!
  3. Protects and favors eye health.
  4. Protects and favors the skin.
  5. Protects and promotes cardiovascular health.
  6. Protects and promotes joint health.
  7. Increases resistance and recovery during exercise.

What makes our supplement different from the rest?

*Astaxantina Hawaiana (BioAstin®)*: The best astaxanthin in the world comes from Hawaii. This means that the astaxanthin molecule is stable (difficult to achieve), active and therefore functional. This is achieved in part through asupercritical extraction based on carbon dioxide only, that is, without the use of toxic chemical solvents. 

Simply the best that science produces.

Our supplement has the following features
de origen vegano
de un proceso sostenible
procedente de un estado crudo
no ccontiene ingredientes GMO
antioxidante supremo
"Supreme" Antioxidant
Verified 100% Natural
capsula vegetal optimizada
Optimized Vegetable Capsule
fabricado con estandares GMP
GMP Manufactured
sin atadores, rellenadores o sustancias nocivas
No binders, fillers or harmful substances
100% Pure Quality

Note: This supplement does not include the famous "other ingredients" which are toxic and that the vast majority of food companies use. Ingredients like magnesium stearate (even if it claims to be vegetable source), titanium dioxide and a large number of chemical additives derived from petroleum that simply have nothing to do with our bodies.

In my book «Despertando salud, a través del conocimiento» I dedicate an entire chapter on how to find and learn how to distinguish quality supplements.

Basic instructions (Adults)
Depending on health needs, the consumption of this supplement ranges from 1 to 3 capsules per day.  We recommend trying 4mg of astaxanthin first and giving it a period of at least 1 month to see how this dose works for you. Repeat this process until you find the dose that works best for you.

Astaxanthin can work like magic if the appropriate dose is consumed according to the needs of each person. In general, 4mg (1 capsule) is an initial dose of consumption to amplify the general health benefits. 2 capsules a day (8mg) is probably the dose that will benefit most people under current life circumstances, whether due to the need to regulate and keep health situations under control or even to keep everything working optimally. I personally consume 2 capsules a day because I simply like to operate optimally. 

Consume with food. It is better absorbed when taken with foods or meals that contain fat. Consuming it with our Omegas Chia Sagrada nutritional oils is probably the coolest and most beneficial way to consume it.

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