Follow-up Consultation with Hugo Robin

$1,200 MX

Duration: 30 minutes (max.)

Note: Appointment is done via video call.

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*Follow-up consultation with Hugo Robin*

The consultation process

All consultations are carried out by videocall through the internet. These consultations are recorded and provided to you in video (sometimes also in audio) so that you can study them as many times as necessary (and it is your commitment and responsibility to do so). By having these tools, you avoid generating more queries and ensure the comprehension process.

What does the consultation include?

Includes consultation of up to a maximum of 30 minutes and up to 1 follow-up.

Important clarification: A “Follow-up” is considered to be the reading of clinical analyzes (if I asked you to perform some) and the additional recommendations that these invoke or the genuine doubts that result from carrying out the process of the recommendations (detoxification and possible symptoms, acquisition and consumption of food supplements, among other things). Please be considerate by not trying to involve questions/doubts from other people or other topics unrelated to the consultation. The fact of hiring my services and having access to me does not give you the right to abuse my trust, my time or the original process of the consultation. If you do not agree with this or you intend to ask me all the doubts you have at all times just because you have access to me, then I recommend that you DO NOT seek consultation with me. Save me the pain of having to say NO and cancel the entire process.

Availability of dates and times

The days and times available will be provided to the interested people once the consultation is scheduled.

Important note: I will try to adapt as best as possible to your schedules if the difference in time zones varies a lot, but it is necessary to agree on a common basis to proceed.

Requirements for a fair exchange of energy

During the consultation I want you to know that as a health professional I promise to be 100% present and available to you. Therefore, in order to increase the success of the process, it is necessary to:

  • Have a high-speed or relatively stable internet.
  • It is necessary to contemplate the approximate time involved in the consultation (previously described) and schedule yourself to offer your full attention. Eliminate noise, earrings or responsibilities from your life as much as possible to keep you focused on the consultation.
  • Check your access device to the consultation (pc, laptop, mobile, etc.) in advance and ensure that you know how the camera, audio, light in the room (etc.) work.
  • During the consultation it is not allowed to answer calls, messages, social networks, etc. I need you to have no distractions.
  • And above all, I require that you commit yourself to the process of changing your life and use the necessary tools to achieve the goal. In short, I need you to do your part. I need you to be committed to yourself by giving yourself to the healing process.

In case of any unforeseen situation...

It happens to all of us, it can rain, thunder, we can loose power, you get an unforeseen emergency or simply the internet fails and this can cause the appointment to be cut short. Obviously this is not something that is in our control. If this is genuine (and I prefer to believe it is), then we can reschedule the appointment (if I have spaces available) or even give you your money back. I do not like to keep money that I have not earned with my effort even though someone may be lying. At the end of the day, if someone finds it necessary to lie because at the last minute they decided to not follow through or they got into financial trouble, I prefer to return your money and everything it’s fine.  I only ask for you to tell the truth.

Technical Information

Once the consultation is confirmed, an email with instructions will be sent to you.

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