Health Consultation with Hugo Robin

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$2,400 MX

Currently unavailable.

Professional health consultation with holistic nutritionist Hugo Robin.

Duration: 60 minutes (max.)

Note: Appointment is done via video call.

Please read all the information below to be fully aware of what involves an appointment with Hugo Robin.


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*Appointment with Hugo Robin*

Dear health enthusiast:

If you are reading this right now is because someone has refer to you my professional health services. 

My passion and my life purpose is to be able to provide (to anyone who is interested) the necessary tools so we can developed radiant health, cultivate ourselves in life and be able to reach human excellence. 

So if I can be a bridge between where you are right now and achieving “Radiant health”, I want to help.

hugo robin consulta
Holistic Nutritionist

Having said that, before considering an appointment with me, it is very important for you to know the following:

  1. ¡I do not treat disease, I develop health!

When consulting you, I will most likely indicate/refer you to study some books, classes, videos or any other type of educational materials that will help support and expand your understanding of health and accelerate your healing process. This allows us to save time on the consultations and money.

  1. ¡You have to do your homework!

What’s the point of the consultation if you are not willing to apply the recommendations you will receive?, you need to be willing to do the necessary changes/implementation that the healing process entails so we can reach our common goal. If you are not willing to cooperate, than what’s the point?

“If you want things in your life to change, you are going to have to change things in your life”

  1. ¡I give recommendations based on science and professional experience, not based on opinions!

This is very important to understand. If I so happen to consult you, it is very important for you to know that I will not give you my “opinions”. I cannot afford the luxury of, as a health professional, to emit my opinions or beliefs. What I give are recommendations that work and that is why I guarantee results or your money back. Therefore, you need to do your homework or I will not continue to consult you and/or make valid my guarantee of satisfaction on the results.

How long or how many consultations are required?

This is always a common question.

Each person is at a very specific point of absence of health. It doesn’t take the same time or the same tools for a person with 10 years of diabetes as it does for someone who has just been diagnosed. It doesn’t take the same time or effort for a person with cancer as it does for someone who just wants to lose 40 pounds of weight. And so on.

Therefore I really do not know how many appointments we need in order to achieve the goal, some people are just too “fragile” and require constant attention, otherwise they do not achieve the needed results.

Personally, I am not interested in extending the number of consults to generate more income from you. In fact, this is why I make and recommend educational materials, because they already contain the key to developing radiant health and reversing health problems as a result.

If you have doubts about me or think that I will seek to extend the time of the consultations to generate more income from you, then I highly recommend that you do not try to obtain a consultation with me. I have said it for several years, there are already enough educational materials that offer solutions, you just have to study them and apply them as much as possible to obtain radiant health. 

Why consult with me or who I recommend to do so?

If you have serious health problems, have already tried everywhere and they can’t really help you or if you simply want to “get favorable results” or “feel supported by a professional on your way back to health and save time”, then I recommend consulting me.

The benefits of consulting any good health professional are several. A good health professional seeks to save his patient money (and more importantly, “TIME”) by being better prepared by knowing how to ask better questions, knowing how to observe better, knowing how to read the face, knowing how to interpret what the skin is telling us, our hair, etc. A good health professional prepares himself more and more to save his patient as many lab analysis as possible.

The sad reality is that most of the so-called “health professionals” do not know how to order studies, read them, interpret them or simply order several studies to justify their lack of preparation or to generate the “illusion” that they know what they are doing. This is not my opinion, it is reality.

Read article: Shocking study reveals your doctor is WRONG 88% of the time…

Who do I recommend NOT to seek a consultation with me?

If you are not willing to make the necessary changes to achieve the goal, if you will make excuses constantly of why you do not apply the recommendations or if you think that I will simply recommend some “magic pill” that others do not know and I do, then I recommend that you do not seek to obtain a consultation with me.

There is no such thing as “magic pills” and I cannot do the exercise for you and expect you to reap the benefits.

Yes, I have dedicated almost my entire life to the development of radiant health and I know things and tools that the vast majority of so-called “health professionals” do not know about, do not believe in or simply decide not to use. That is their loss and one of the reasons for my success. But you definitely have to do your homework.

To proceed with a consultation with me means changing (sometimes radically) your way of living, your way of eating, your way of thinking, etc. It is “a way of life”. It’s that simple. If you think these are all crazy ideas, don’t believe in it, or just sound like a lot of work, then I recommend that you don’t seek a consultation with me.

Guarantee of satisfaction in the results or your money back

If you apply the things I recommend and you don’t see the results you’re looking for, then I’ll gladly give you your money back. Likewise, if you do manage to get an appointment with me and I can’t help you or it’s beyond my abilities, I’ll let you know and I’ll give you your money back. It’s that simple. And how magical it would be if society operated that way.

The consultation process...

All consultations are carried out by videocall through the internet. These consultations are recorded and provided to you in video (sometimes also in audio) so that you can study them as many times as necessary (and it is your commitment and responsibility to do so). By having these tools, you avoid generating more queries and ensure the comprehension process.

Fees and Duration

The first consultation costs $2,250 MXN (approx. $110 US) and takes no more than 60 minutes. 

The following consultations (if applicable) have a cost of $1200 MXN (approx. $55 US) and take no more than 30 minutes.

Important note: The above costs are not my official fees. I am really reducing considerably my fees as support to the interested people due to the current situation in the world.

What does the consultation include?

One of the reasons why I left the consultation for several years is because, due to my professional commitment, I have to follow up with you and this means responsibility for time and attention. Do you remember the time when doctors did this?

The first consultation includes a maximum of up to 2 clinical analysis follow-ups (if applicable) and/or questions about the process by email and/or other method I see fit. 

Subsequent appointments include up to 1 follow-up of this one.

Important clarification: A “Follow-up” is considered to be the reading of clinical analyzes (if I asked you to perform some) and the additional recommendations that these invoke or the genuine doubts that result from carrying out the process of the recommendations (detoxification and possible symptoms, acquisition and consumption of food supplements, among other things). Please be considerate by not trying to involve questions/doubts from other people or other topics unrelated to the consultation. The fact of hiring my services and having access to me does not give you the right to abuse my trust, my time or the original process of the consultation. If you do not agree with this or you intend to ask me all the doubts you have at all times just because you have access to me, then I recommend that you DO NOT seek consultation with me. Save me the pain of having to say NO and cancel the entire process.

Availability of dates and times

The days and times available will be provided to the interested people once the consultation is scheduled.

Important note: I will try to adapt as best as possible to your schedules if the difference in time zones varies a lot, but it is necessary to agree on a common basis to proceed.

Requirements for a fair exchange of energy

During the consultation I want you to know that as a health professional I promise to be 100% present and available to you. Therefore, in order to increase the success of the process, it is necessary to:

  • Have a high-speed or relatively stable internet.
  • It is necessary to contemplate the approximate time involved in the consultation (previously described) and schedule yourself to offer your full attention. Eliminate noise, earrings or responsibilities from your life as much as possible to keep you focused on the consultation.
  • Check your access device to the consultation (pc, laptop, mobile, etc.) in advance and ensure that you know how the camera, audio, light in the room (etc.) work.
  • During the consultation it is not allowed to answer calls, messages, social networks, etc. I need you to have no distractions.
  • And above all, I require that you commit yourself to the process of changing your life and use the necessary tools to achieve the goal. In short, I need you to do your part. I need you to be committed to yourself by giving yourself to the healing process.

In case of any unforeseen situation...

It happens to all of us, it can rain, thunder, we can loose power, you get an unforeseen emergency or simply the internet fails and this can cause the appointment to be cut short. Obviously this is not something that is in our control. If this is genuine (and I prefer to believe it is), then we can reschedule the appointment (if I have spaces available) or even give you your money back. I do not like to keep money that I have not earned with my effort even though someone may be lying. At the end of the day, if someone finds it necessary to lie because at the last minute they decided to not follow through or they got into financial trouble, I prefer to return your money and everything it’s fine.  I only ask for you to tell the truth.

Technical Information

Once the appointment is confirmed, an email will be sent to you with instructions and you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire that will allow me to know your needs in a general way and save time before the videocall.

Please be aware that our working ours are from Monday To Friday from 9am to 6pm (Central time) and therefore my staff can only communicate within that time period.

Also, if when reading the questionnaire I consider it necessary, you will be asked to record a video/audio or perhaps even schedule a prior call of a maximum of 10 minutes to make sure that a consultation with me is really convenient, since perhaps the best option for both is simply that you acquire and apply some type of educational material or perhaps simply because I am not your best option.

Without further ado for the moment and if you have already read all of the above, and you agree, we can proceed with the consultation.

How to proceed with you reservation (tutorial)

4 valoraciones en Health Consultation with Hugo Robin

  1. Delia Montgomery (propietario verificado)

    The initial conversation I had with Hugo was amazing. It was as though he was psychic. Without any lab work he explained the emotional side of my chronic infection. Then he informed me how physical remedies would take care of the emotions (and my numerous other ailments) over a period of six months. The unique protocols differed with each stage and consultation. It was an educational process too. Patience and determination were required, but it worked!
    It has been delightful to get to know Hugo, whose aurora and energy glows. With a gentlemanly manner, he is a dedicated natural plant medicine healer.

  2. Eugenia Palma

    The first MEGA change that I have seen in her (my daughter) is that Andrea had a PHOBIA of the wind, as soon as she began to get some air, she went into crisis and began to cry and want to be locked up and the fear she had was too much. ALL last week it was making tremendous air here in Chihuahua, up to almost 100 km/h which we had never touched and Andrea as if NOTHING, peace of mind, she was not scared at all, even children from her school got very nervous and she was super calm until she told them that nothing was wrong 😉, believe me that impacted me greatly. So I wanted to share it with you, because not even months of psychological therapy or music or anything could take away that fear that paralyzed her and this week everything was super normal, so for that alone we are super happy and grateful to God and to you for being with us. supporting with this treatment. I have no doubt that this is just the beginning and that we will see great things in my girl!!!

    Thank you very much Hugo and I will keep telling you the good news I have!


    Eugenia Palma

  3. Cristina Colorado

    I have followed Hugo Robin’s trajectory for many years, I read his book and I have applied the material in Fine Tuning the Digestive System in my own way. However, having a personal consultation with him was a total paradigm shift since with all the knowledge he possesses, he leads and guides you on a very different path from the one you can take by your own methods, from the second week after consulting him, notice an immediate improvement in the health process that I was going through, Hugo’s detailed instructions and clear way of explaining have made me learn so much about health and what leads us to lose it, plus I am deeply grateful for the follow-up that includes the consultation is undoubtedly one of the best parts in this comprehensive process. Thanks for the education that is the query, “When the student is ready Hugo Robin Appears”

  4. Sara Almanza

    Hello, I have been listening to your Hugo videos for a long time and they have helped me a lot, he is not only someone who gives you instructions on how and what to do, but he also transmits his knowledge in such a way that you feel the motivation to continue doing all the tasks. necessary changes to have that health that he talks about and that is possible to achieve. My son recently had a consultation with him and was fascinated by the clear and precise way he explained what my son was interested in understanding. On our part, the least we can do is tell him that we hope God continues to bless him, because it not only shows his great professionalism, but also the greatness of his spirituality and goodness. Thank you so much, Hugo!

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